how I would stop my convicts from constantly breeding ??

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how I would stop my convicts from constantly breeding ??

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I wanted to ask how I would stop my convicts from constantly breeding -i am being in andated with babies. i have had to buy another tank to accomadate them-i have 2 breeding pairs which i have had to seperate because of the aggression . the one pair is in a 2 foot tank with their approx 50 babies. they laid their eggs in a barrell , which i have taken out to stop them laying more. but i think they are just making holes in the gravel to lay them there., because the female is starting to get aggresive towards me again when i clean them out , which usually means she is laying more. i also have a 4foot tank with the other mating pair with their hundreds of fry (which they raised in a ship) -with them is approx 10 other convict cichlids -which are their babies from the prev. 2 litters they had. The mating pair have their own section of the tank which they wont let the others get near. i dont want to completly remove the ship because then they would have no where to hide.

Please help.

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Thank you.
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