any other breeding tips?

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any other breeding tips?

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I am trying to get my blue tilapia to reproduce without any success. I have a 400 gallon tank with about 15 good size (8-12") fish, and a 150 gallon glass tank in my greenhouse here in central Florida. The outside temps are around low 90's for the past 2 months. I also have a 75 gallon tank in the house I have started putting a few fish in. I am thinking they are reproducing in the 400 gallon tank but it is difficult to tell since I can only see in the top of tank and there are several fish in it. I have a few questions:
1) when I have gravel in a tank, some fish make nests. I assume these are the males?
2) In the 400 gallon tank, some fish don''t eat and seem to protect a certain area of the tank by chasing all other fish away. Are these females? Maybe ones with eggs? Should I relocate these to another tank, maybe the one inside?
3) are there other ways to determine the sex?
4) once a fish is determined to be male or female, has anyone tried any type of marking to keep the ones you want for breeding identified?
5) any other breeding tips?

Several of my fish are filleting size but I don't want to start eating them until I make sure I have replacements on the way.

Please help.

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Thank you.
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